Apart 品牌介绍

Apart is a Belgian brand of specialised and unique loudspeakers and electronics for the fixed installed sound market. From the trendy fashion boutique to the classy restaurant and ambient bar up to the luxury hotel, with the Apart products you can cover them all!

During his studies in Electronics, Tom Gheysens founded the company Audioprof in 1992. He started building his own loudspeakers for his rental business. As a lot of people loved the sound of these loudspeakers, they were requested and installed in a lot of bars and pubs in Belgium.

From there on, Apart evolved from being an install company for the hospitality business to one of the leading installers for paging and music systems. As the business grew bigger and bigger, Audioprof started importing some commercial audio brands in order to offer a complete solution for the projects that were requested.

Not being happy with the sound quality and reliability of the distributed brands, together with Tom’s passion to deliver great sound in public places, Audioprof decided to start developing and manufacturing it’s own products and the Apart brand was born. It was the start of a range of innovative audio products by and for sound lovers.

Today Apart Audio, the Belgian manufacturer of the Apart loudspeakers and electronics, has more than 25 years of experience in the world of fixed installed audio. Apart products are distributed through a well selected distributor network in more than 90 countries. It is our mission to offer unique and above all reliable products that meet the customer’s demands with excellent TOP value solutions.

We want the Apart brand to become a global brand that is top of mind in the head of every installer and a“loved brand” for the global installers community!

As already mentioned, Apart was founded by a sound loving audio innovator. We want to be your partner excelling in creating and developing innovative installed sound solutions. We are a specialised manufacturer of audio products in which we combine reliability, easy to use AND install, good service and attractive prices! We are passionate in providing excellent audio quality to the end user.

APART offers great audio products mainly for small and medium sized projects in all kinds of applications:shops and malls,bars and restaurants,hotels,waiting areas,factories,theatres,houses of worship,meeting rooms,classrooms,train and bus stations,sport centres,warehouses,offices,parkings,residential environments.